WoofTrax’s Shoes for Shelters Fall Fundraiser Slated to Raise More Than $150,000

December 15, 2015

Nearly 150 animal shelters and rescues participated in the WoofTrax Shoes for Shelters Fall Fundraiser. The collected shoes continue to be picked up from participating organizations and sent to developing countries for people in need to start, maintain, and grow micro-enterprises. The shoes collected create sustainable economic impact in the places that need it the most. And the positive impact doesn’t stop there: participating shelters and rescues are on track to raise more than $150,000!

Here’s some feedback from Goshen Humane Society, a participating organization:

“We collected a little more than 5,800 pounds of shoes to date. We don’t have a lot of space, so that amount is very impressive for us! Probably 90% of the families in Goshen, NY and at least 5 surrounding counties donated shoes. Kids collected them at school, the church collected them, and I begged every week for people to clean their closets. This was old-fashioned hard work and a fun way to do fundraising through the community with a lot of great volunteers.”

Stay tuned for information on our upcoming Shoes for Shelters Spring Fundraiser. It’s a great way to engage your community and help raise money for your animal organization by donating the shoes you have worn out taking your Walk for a Dog!

WoofTrax's Shoes for Shelters raised over $80,000

May 31, 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in Shoes for Shelters by WoofTrax! About 100 animal organizations participated, and through shoe donations, managed to collectively raise well over $80,000! Many shelters were able to collect far more than their goal of 2,500 pairs of shoes. Here's an example from a shelter in Vinton, Iowa, a shelter that was participating in our fundraiser:

"We are proud to say that with YOUR help, we were able to not only reach our goal, but surpass it! In just over ten weeks, [we were] able to collect 4035 pairs of shoes! Each pair has been picked up... and [our shelter] will receive a monetary donation to help the animals in our care. We are extremely grateful for each pair of donated shoes and the amount of support and motivation we received from our community!"

In case you still have a pair of old, wearable shoes lying around the house that you didn't get to donate, WoofTrax will be having another Shoes for Shelter fundraiser this fall, so be sure to donate then!

WoofTrax is the PeaceJam Hero Award Winner for Best Business Act 2015

May 23, 2015

PeaceJam's "Hero Award" campaign seeks to inspire average citizens to work together in creating projects to help important humanitarian causes, such as rights for women and children, universal access to clean water, alleviating extreme poverty, and more. We are incredibly honored to have received the Hero Award for Best Business Act, and even more so for being recognized by PeaceJam as an agent of change. Through WoofTrax, anyone and everyone is able to help the estimated 7.6 million animals that enter American shelters every year, simply by walking. So far, our WoofTrax walkers have raised approximately $65,000 for shelters and rescues nationwide!

We strongly believe that the funding of animal organizations is an incredibly important cause, and one we hope to continue promoting. We would like to thank PeaceJam and its "One Billion Acts of Peace" Foundation for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness for the Walk for a Dog app and help raise money for the thousands of incredibly deserving shelters and rescues throughout the United States. The Hero Award ceremony will be held in Monte Carlo on June 14th, and the awards will be presented by Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel of Argentina. Read more about PeaceJam and the other amazing Hero Award Winners here!

"Our judges recognized WoofTrax as a true agent of change in helping to solve some of the biggest global issues around the world," said Dawn Engle, executive director of the Hero Award and co-founder of PeaceJam. In honor of this award, we encourage that when you rescue an animal, you enter that act of peace on PeaceJam's "One Billion Acts of Peace" website.

New App Release

May 19, 2015

New iPhone app update is here. Major new update that is sporting a great new look and enhances accuracy and stability. Now easily take pictures, phone calls, listen to music while taking your walk for a dog! (Android update is coming next ...)

If you have not tried the app in a while, or use it regularly, please update to this new version, and help local shelters and rescues every day simply by walking your dog. And as always thanks to everyone for their support. Please share and let us know what you think! Email us at woof@wooftrax.com, share your Walk for a Dog Adventures on Facebook.

Shoes for Shelters by WoofTrax

March 15, 2015

A great way to help your favorite animal organization is through WoofTrax's Shoes for Shelters. For every 2,500 pairs of shoes donated to your local shelter or rescue, $1,000 will be donated to the shelter! The donated shoes will be cleaned, repaired or melted down if necessary to make new shoes, and will benefit individuals, families, and communities in developing countries. By donating a pair of unused, wearable shoes, you can help not only your animal organization, but also help someone in need!