Four Key Elements of Pet Insurance

With so many pet health insurance plans out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you and your dog. Continue reading to learn about four key factors to consider when deciding on the perfect plan, and visit Petplan for a free quote.

1. Annual Limit

This is the maximum amount a pet insurance company will pay for claims during a 12-month period. Some companies start the 12-month period when you enroll, while others use the regular calendar year. And while some pet insurance companies offer an annual limit, other companies have a per-incident limit. 

2. Coverage

Pet insurance coverage refers to the scope of protection in the insurance policy. Options range from accident-only policies to maximum-coverage plans. Plans with broader coverage and higher limits usually have higher monthly premiums.

3. Waiting Period

This is the amount of time that must pass before some or all of your dog’s health care coverage can begin. Waiting periods start on the effective date. Most pet insurance companies have three different waiting periods: one for accidents, one for illnesses, and one for orthopedics.

4. Exclusions

An exclusion is a condition that is not covered by the insurance policy. Every pet insurance company has different exclusion lists. It's important to understand what is and is not covered, so that if your dog does get sick or has an accident, you will know if it is covered in your pet insurance plan.

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