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Bill "WoofDriver" Helman



After a successful 20-year career has one of the most accomplished and well-known advocates for the Siberian Husky, Mr. Bill Helman plans to take his deep knowledge, well-established technical skills and unmatched devotion to his passion and projects into a wide variety of future challenges. One look at Helman's accomplishments only reinforces the inevitability of success for his veritable fleet of websites that all focus on his limitless dedication to the protection and promotion of animals in general and dogs in particular.

Helman tags his site with the words “Living Clean and Running Wild.” The imagery calls to mind an outdoor spirit and a well developed respect for both the power and the refuge of the outdoors. Many of the photos and testimonials on Helman's various sites are reminiscent of a lifestyle free of the mundane and the ordinary yet replete with the experiences of someone who takes his relationships with animals as seriously as he takes everything else.

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