Pet Insurance: History and Fun Facts

Here’s a quick breakdown of the interesting history of pet health insurance as well as some statistics that help put pet insurance in perspective. For more information on how pet insurance can help you and your dog, click here.

History of Pet Health Insurance

1890: The first animal insurance policy was written in Sweden by Claes Virgin. He focused on horses and livestock at the time.
1924: The first dog received insurance coverage in Sweden.
1947: The first pet insurance policy in Britain was issued.
1982: Lassie, the famous TV dog, receives the first pet insurance policy in the United States.

Pet Insurance Facts

•    Britain has the second-highest level of pet insurance in the world, behind only Sweden.

•    Approximately 23% of dogs and cats in the UK are insured. Only 0.8% of American pets are currently insured.

•    Every six seconds, a pet owner is faced with a veterinary bill of more than $3,000.

•    One in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year.

•    There are 120 million veterinary visits in the US each year.

•    Dogs under the age of one are 2.5 times more likely to have an unexpected visit to the vet.

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