What is Best Friends for Fitness?

WoofTrax has partnered with Lifetime Benefit Solutions, a leading corporate benefits solution provider, to offer Best Friends for Fitness—a corporate wellness program centered around the Walk for a Dog app. 

With Lifetime Benefit Solutions' Best Friends for Fitness program, a company's employees can participate in their corporate wellness program simply by walking, biking, or running with the Walk for a Dog app by WoofTrax. If an employee does not have a dog, they can simply use WoofTrax's virtual dog—Cassie. 

Walk for a Dog and Best Friends for Fitness—a perfect match for corporate wellness! To learn more about how your company can offer Best Friends for Fitness to your employees, please follow one of the links below.

Best Friends for Fitness is part of Lifetime Benefit Solutions’ “Share the Health” community programs, intended to give back to the communities in which our clients work and live.  
Best Friends for Fitness is a program that allows employers to incent employees to exercise more, increase physical and mental health, boost morale, elevate the company’s brand through public recognition and word-of-mouth, as well as offering a way to attract and retain employees through charitable giving.  There are many well documented physical and mental health benefits to interacting with pets. 
Best Friends for Fitness is based on a four-legged approach to corporate wellness and activity success, including
o    A unique and fun way to engage employees.   
o    Ease of implementation and is customizable
o    Goal setting, tracking and measurement
o    Connection to a purpose or cause

How can I get my company employees involved in Best Friends for Fitness?

Don't see your company listed? If your company would like information on how to participate in Lifetime Benefit Solutions' Best Friends for Fitness program, please email your request to LBS.Sales.Support@LifetimeBenefitSolutions.com

For more information visit www.LifetimeBenefitSolutions.com/community/share-the-health/best-friends-for-fitness.