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Huffington Post – October 24, 2014

CBS News – Philadelphia - October 21, 2014

San Francisco Chronicle – October 16, 2014

With a leashed greyhound in each hand, Pamela Buck has always done a lot of walking around her Clayton neighborhood. But since August, Buck has found herself adding even more walks to her daily repertoire. The 57-year old walks on lunch breaks, walks with friends and walks on weekend mornings. (Read more …)

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If you have a dog or are a dog walker it’s a must that you download the Walk for a Dog app! Every time you take a dog for a walk, turn on the app, for every mile you walk the WoofTrax company will donate to the local animal shelter or organization of your choice. The next time you are dreading getting off the couch and going for a long walk with your dog, just remember you are doing something healthy for the both of you and you’re helping out less fortunate dogs at shelters! (Read more …)

WoofTrax promoted by AT&T as part of Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month.

As part of “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” AT&T is promoting some helpful apps.

“There’s an app called, “walk for a dog” and once you register with that application every mile that you walk they will donate a dollar to the shelter of your choice. There are several GPS systems you can get to put on your dogs collar that will go with an app. There’s one called Tagg GPS, it puts an app on your phone and it can locate your dog wherever they are,” said Chad Cooper.

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Yeah. I know. It’s a struggle. You’ve got to find time, you’ve got to find energy, and likely, it’s not exactly your favorite thing to do. But if you ask a vet, trainer, or shelter care worker what their single biggest dog care issue is, the true importance of overcoming that struggle really becomes clear. What one factor contributes to obesity, diabetes, troubled mobility, and behavioral issues in dogs? I’m guessing you have your suspicions, so go ahead and say it with me – too little walk time… (Read more...)


Walk for a Dog is a “triple threat.” It encourages you to get exercise, spend time with your pet, and support an animal shelter of your choice. Just press start each time you head out with your furry friend, and the app will keep track of your walks…  (Read more...)

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This Wednesday’s blog post is literally “for the dogs.” As I’ve previously mentioned, the blog will cover a variety of subjects near and dear to me so this week it’s all about WalkForADog app by WoofTrax.

The big picture is that you exercise, use the app and donate miles to support an animal shelter. You don’t spend any money except for probably having to buy new walking, hiking or running shoes. If you’re like me, you’ll get extremely motivated to get out there and log miles for the shelter pooches…  (Read more...)

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Earlier this week I received an email from Sallie with “Check this out” in subject line. Often when I get emails like this I open them and find a picture of an older dog or cat in need of foster or respite services. However, this time the email contained a couple of paragraphs from a company called Wooftrax.

The email said that North Country Animal League (NCAL) would be receiving a donation from Wooftrax because several people in our area were using their Take Your Walk for a Dog App and had accumulated enough miles to generate a monetary donation…  (Read more...)

My Diary of Us

By now you know that this week is doggie week here on My Diary of Us and I just had to spotlight my new favorite app and how it and you can help local animal shelters just by walking your dog! My old man of a dog, Rutledge is from a shelter and so this topic is near and dear to me! It’s so easy, and honestly a genius way for all of us to be a part of helping shelters and the dogs who end up there on a daily basis…  (Read more...)

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Having a big yard is nice but it is not an excuse for not walking your dog. If you were confined to your house and yard, you would go stir-crazy. Many behavior problems like excessive barking, chewing or digging could be greatly reduced if the dog got daily walks. Walks enrich your dog’s life and tire them out more than hanging around the backyard. Walking your dog is a great way to bond, get some physical exercise, enjoy the outdoors and great mental stimulation for both of you. If those aren’t enough reasons to walk, how about if you could help your local animal shelter simply by walking your dog?   (Read more...)

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Even if you can’t adopt, volunteer or donate money, there are still other ways you can help out local shelters. I recently came across one interesting way to do this using an app called “WoofTrax.” This app lets you donate to your local shelter simply by taking your dog on a walk. The app is free to use and allows you to choose from several local shelters. In the Cleveland area you can donate to The Cleveland Animal Protection League, Secondhand Mutts and The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. You can also go in and switch it easily if you want to change who you are donating to periodically… (Read more...)