English Springer Rescue America

Growing from 6 to over 100 active walkers in less than 30 days with a WoofTrax Challenge!

This spring, English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) was looking for a fun way to grow their active walker numbers, to increase their donation amount. Their goal was a 30 day WoofTrax Challenge to get to 50 active walkers by May 3rd. They launched their challenge on April 3rd, posting information about the challenge on their national Facebook page, along with information about the Walk for a Dog app from the WoofTrax FAQ website page

“We have a challenge for you: Goal is 50 new walkers within the next 30 days. We’ll be cheering you along each day and at the end of the 30 days, we’ll announce the multitude of people who have accepted this challenge and started walking/raising funds.”

Every couple of days they posted status updates on social media. Each WoofTrax Challenge post had an image of a Springer Spaniel, and included an update on the number of active walkers. Along with the images, they included supportive, encouraging posts cheering on the participants. ESRA also shared their Facebook posts on their Twitter account, and sent emails to their supporters.

English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) is a national 501c3 nonprofit referral and foster care purebred placement organization, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Springer Spaniels in need. They have 2,664 followers on Facebook, and 431 on Twitter. For the donation period January through August 2015, they had 6 active walkers.

ESRA launched their WoofTrax Challenge on 4/3. By 4/5, they had 28 active walkers. By 4/6, they had 42. By 4/7 they reached 58 active walkers and set a new goal of 100 active walkers. By 4/9, they were at 80. By 4/17, they hit 110 active walkers and set an even higher new goal of 200 active walkers! 

“A new Challenge from one of our walkers. 200 Active Walkers by May 3rd. We just need 90 more Active Walkers and I know we can attain this new goal because we are a bunch of overachievers! To stay as an Active Walker, you only need to walk 15 minutes a week. If you are a non-active walker, boost our numbers by talking a walk with your dog(s). Go to your smartphone and download the app from the store, WoofTrax. You will find English Springer Rescue America, Inc. in California.”

By 4/28, they were at 106 active walkers.

“173 people have joined WoofTrax for ESRA. 140 of them have joined since May 3rd! Excellent! To raise funds, we need to walk at least once a week for 15 minutes to be counted as an Active Walker…Join us and start walking/running/skipping/whatever.”

From 6 active walkers to 106! We asked them – how did they do it? Here's the reply from English Springer Rescue America: 

“I think posting a graphic on our national Facebook page each day showing the number of active walkers make a big impression on our members and followers.  We attained our goal of 100 active walkers within the first week.  I stopped posting for a few days because I did not want people to become immune to the challenge.  I started it up again via Facebook pages and e-mail today with a goal of 200 walkers by May 3rd.  We’ll see if we can find 90 more walkers.”

Their recipe for success? Engagement, clear instructions, encouragement, great Springer Spaniel images, and regular status updates via social media posts and emails.

If they can do it, you can do it too! 

Start by planning your own WoofTrax Challenge. Set a goal of how many active walkers you want to reach. You can see your organization’s current number of active walkers by looking at the Impact tab on the Walk for a Dog app. 

Let your supporters know your organization is participating in the Walk for a Dog program, and how they can help by participating in your WoofTrax Challenge event. Reach out to your supporters through social media to spread the word -- encourage them to download the app, choose your organization as the organization they are walking for, and remind them to get out and take a walk at least once a week. (Check out the WoofTrax marketing materials available on our website.)

Check your number of active walkers regularly, to see how it is growing, and post status updates (with images, and encouragement) on social media.  You can learn more about donations at www.wooftrax.com/faq. The more active walkers your organization has, the more donations you are able to receive! 

Have you grown your number of active walkers? Have you held a successful challenge event? Share your story with us!