WoofTrax Launches First App That Converts Daily Dog Walks into Shelter Donations

“Take a Walk For A Dog” Provides An Incentive for Dogs and Humans to Bond Through Exercise

Ithaca, New York – September 23, 2013 – Interested in a new app that allows you to donate to animal charities without ever opening your wallet? Today, WoofTrax is excited to launch the first app that converts daily dog walks into donations for local animal shelters. Invented by Petrepreneur Doug Hexter, the new “Walk for a Dog” is a smartphone application that supports local animal organizations every time you walk your dog. Simply start the app when you begin your dog walk and WoofTrax will make a donation to the animal shelter or rescue of your choice. The app keeps track of dog walks through GPS to track distance. The Walk for a Dog program is a simple, year-round dog-powered fundraising tool that promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners, and raises money to support the mission of local animal organizations.

To get started, pet owners and even professional dog walkers can download the free Android or iPhone app and press the “Start Walking for” button and the app will keep track of your walks. Pet owners can also share information about their dog including uploading the dog’s name, breed, age, gender and photo. Next, you choose the shelter or rescue you’d like to donate to and then enjoy your walk. If you don’t own a dog of your own, you can choose the “Walk for Cassie” option. Named after Hexter’s rescued Foxhound mix, Cassie represents shelter dogs everywhere, and donations go to the user’s animal organization of choice.

“Dog enthusiasts are of all ages and abilities and every walk counts, whether it’s a quick walk around the block or a leisurely three mile hike,” says Doug Hexter, founder, WoofTrax. “The idea behind the app is to provide an incentive for dogs and their humans to bond through exercise while simultaneously harnessing that energy for social good.”

Since the app was introduced, WoofTrax is already in the top one percent of fitness apps in both the Apple and Android app store. Donations to animal organizations are funded by sponsorship, advertising, and investors and donations are sent to active, registered 501(c)(3) non-profits and city shelters twice a year. The donation pool is divided based upon the number of people walking for a particular organization and the number of times they walked.