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Support Animal Charities Just by Walking Your Dog

More than $2,500,000 of support generated

for thousands of local animal charities in all 50 states.

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Our free app is the only thing you need to earn money for your local animal charity. Download the app today and start unleashing the love.

Over 350 Million Walks and Counting!

When you walk your dog with our app, you earn money for your favorite animal charity. The more you walk — and the more people who use the app — the more we can donate to local animal charities. That’s the power of dog-powered fundraising.

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We’re partnered with thousands of shelters and rescues across the country all doing great work to help dogs in need. Just download the app, get walking, and start helping your charity.

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“I have been walking with WoofTrax since Toots was old enough to go with me; she’s 2 now. It has helped me recover from a back injury. I thought I might help some other pups as much as Tootsie has helped me; she gives me inspiration, courage, and the confidence to go places and talk to people.”

— Victoria and Tootsie Roll

“I walk my beautiful Labrador retriever Willow, 6yrs old, daily. I always start with WoofTrax. Willow and I average over a mile a day. She is my best friend and is so happy to take me for a walk. Thank you for your encouragement and for helping doggies everywhere!”

— Cindyann and Willow

“Clover and I walk with WoofTrax every day and have been using the app for 8 years now. Clover is a rescue Doberman that we adopted 8 years ago and loves her walks and will bark at me to get ready and take her out for at least 2 walks per day. We try to walk 5-7 miles daily.”

— Becky, walking for Yolo County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, CA

“We are so grateful for the challenge and the chance to be active and earn money for the rescue. This money is a life-saving amount that will go toward medical expenses and vetting for our adoptable dogs. It also energized our community for a common goal.”

— Texas Husky Rescue
WoofTrax Gear

What to wear when you walk

Show your love for WoofTrax by wearing our shirts and hoodies. Check out the clothing and gear that shows the world how you’re helping dogs, shelters and rescues.

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