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Your walk goes further with WoofTrax

You’re one free download away

Track your miles, share your walks, participate in challenges, and much more. The more you walk, the more you earn for your favorite animal charity. It’s that simple.

Step 1

Download the free WoofTrax app

Step 2

Log on and walk your dog

Step 3

Earn money for the animal charity of your choice

Step 4

Share your walk and join the pack that gives back

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Learn more about helping dogs

What if I don’t have a dog? Can I still help earn money for dogs?

Sure! You can walk for dogs at a shelter or rescue by choosing the “Walk for Lexi” option after enrolling in the app. Or create your dream dog as a walking companion by adding a dog.

What is an “active walker?”

Someone who uses the app at least once a week. To remain an active walker for your favorite animal charity, log on to the app and walk at least once weekly.

How can I boost the amount earned for my favorite animal charity?

The more people actively walking with the app, the bigger the benefit. It’s that simple. But there are ways to do even more to help dogs in need:

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends about WoofTrax, and share the app on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Shelters and rescues can use our marketing materials to tell their supporters about the free WoofTrax app.
  • Join a challenge. Challenges on the app give you a chance to win instant donations if you have a winning walk.
  • Create a virtual walking group on the app, and invite your friends and family to walk with you!
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