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Charity Points

How are Charity Points earned?

Each walk 1/4 of a mile or greater earns 10 charity points.

The total number of charity points earned for a charity directly determine the donations paid to that charity.

How do I maximize the donations my selected charity can earn?

Invite friends and family to WoofTrax by creating a Group on the Community tab of the app. The more people walking in support of the same charity, the more we can donate to the charity.

What are Charity Points worth?

Each walk with WoofTrax makes an impact—earning the equivalent of 10 pieces of kibble for a shelter pet.* 10 walks earns enough for your charity to buy a meal for a small dog. 25 walks, a meal for an average-sized dog.

If your Charity earns 1,000 charity points a day, which is only 100 pet parents in your community walking their dog each day— those walks earn enough to buy 60 meals for a shelter pet—every month! So please do share the free WoofTrax app in your community and beyond, create a group to help motivate all group members to walk their dogs with WoofTrax every day!

When are donations sent to my charity?

Earned donations will be sent quarterly to animal charities. Minimum payout amount is $25.

Can I earn additional amounts for my charity?

Yes! Join sponsored challenges found on the Challenges tab of the WoofTrax app. These challenges can magnify your impact for your chosen animal charity.

*Note: WoofTrax sends cash donations to our animal charity partners, thanks to our generous sponsors, which each charity can use as they see fit to support their operations, including purchasing resources for animals in need.