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Welcome to the WoofTrax Community! Questions on the new app update? Learn more here.

Home Update

About WoofTrax version 6— released October 2022

Things to know – if you’re an existing WoofTrax user:

Number of challenge walks are now showing correctly.

If you’ve updated from the previous version, we are working on adding back in some familiar features, such as the progress bar, changing your email address, cumulative History stats for a date range, removing a dog, and walking with no dogs selected.

Your Dashboard stats are now on the Charity Points screen. Tap the yellow Charity Points number at the top right of the Home screen to see at the top of that page your cumulative total walks, miles, and points (now called charity points).

Tap your Profile icon at the top left of the Home screen, then tap Activity History to see your walking History.

Tap the Challenges tab, then tap the JOINED challenge button at the top to find your joined challenges.

If you took a walk with the previous version with no dog selected, the new version will show that you took that walk with Lexi (our virtual dog). If you previously took a walk with Cassie, it may show that you took a walk with Lexi.

Because this was a significant update with new systems in place to allow WoofTrax to grow, some data may not have transferred from your previous account to your new app, we are working to fix this for affected users.

When updating from the previous version, all of your walks should show on the new version. Your data is stored on our servers, and we will make sure your account is updated to reflect all your past walks if any are missing. The walking paths / maps of your past 25 walks should be in History. The time, speed, and distance of all the walks taken with WoofTrax should also be listed in the History screen.

Past walks all count for your charity. WoofTrax will send appropriate donations to your charity based on your past walks. When updating from the previous version, your points that you earned on past walks are included in your total Charity Points on the new version. When you first migrate to the new version, the Charity Points screen will show 0 charity points earned, and you will start earning charity points with your first walk.  Previous walks in your history will show zero charity points, but those walks still counted for your charity. On the new version you will earn 10 charity points for each walk. Learn more about Charity Points here.

Having trouble logging in?
If you receive the message “No user exists for this email address” then please delete and reinstall WoofTrax, and from there choose Sign In and then Forgot Password to reset your password.
If you receive the message “Transaction Error” then please try again to set your password and tap Save.
If you receive the message “Internet connection required” then please turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi, and then use cell data to log in to the app.

Having issues? Please contact us at

Update to the newest version of WoofTrax

Update now to the most recent version of the app to continue walking for your animal charity.


On your smartphone, click here to update now. Or, from your device, simply go to the App Store, and touch Updates.


On your smartphone, click here to update now. Or, from your device, simply go to the Google Play Store, and touch Updates.

What’s New

Thanks for updating to the newest version of WoofTrax!


Set daily walking goals.

On the Home screen each of the rings / circles from left to right correspond to the label beneath each ring. The green ring represents Walks Finished, the purple ring represents Miles Walked, and the yellow ring represents Charity Points earned. The first two rings (Walks Finished and Miles Walked) are based on the personal walking goals you have set in the app. These can be changed at any time. To change your daily goals, tap your profile icon at the top left of the Home screen, then select Set Daily Goals.


With the new My Groups feature on the Community tab you can now create your own virtual walking group and invite people to your group to earn more for your selected animal charity. The more people walking in support of the same charity, the more we can donate to the charity.

How do I create a group?

Invite friends and family to join the group you create on the Community tab of the new version of WoofTrax, and each person who joins your group can ALSO earn for your charity!

Charity Points:

Walk daily to earn charity points for your favorite shelter or rescue, and track your charity points. Learn more about what charity points are worth here.

Having issues? Please contact us at